CourtHouse News: UPL Lawsuit in North Carolina

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Advocacy, Business, Media Coverage, News

In North Carolina, a groundbreaking lawsuit is challenging the barriers that prevent paralegals from offering basic legal advice, spotlighting a crucial access to justice issue.

Filed by seasoned paralegals Morag Black Polaski and Shawana Almendarez, alongside the North Carolina Justice For All Project, this legal action confronts state restrictions that infringe on First Amendment rights and hinder the provision of necessary legal support to those caught in the ‘missing middle’—individuals too affluent for legal aid yet unable to afford traditional legal services. This pivotal case underscores a broader debate on legal service delivery and the vital role of paralegals in bridging the justice gap.

The efforts highlighted in the lawsuit mirror the Justice Tech Association‘s broader mission of fostering innovation to make justice more accessible.

Read on for a comprehensive look at the implications of this lawsuit and its potential to reshape legal advice accessibility.