Justice Tech Accelerator: Empowering Justice through Innovation

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Business, Media Coverage, Technology

The University of California College of Law at San Francisco recognizes the transformative potential of technology in advancing access to justice and to support it, has collaborated with JTA to unveil the Justice Tech Accelerator program. This initiative will foster the development of technology-driven solutions that address critical challenges within the legal system.

The Justice Tech Accelerator program will bring together entrepreneurs, legal experts, and technologists to collaborate on developing mission-focused solutions in the nascent justice tech sector. The program equips innovators with tools and resources to create impactful technology-driven startups. It will offer participants a range of resources including– mentorships, workshops, and funding opportunities that will ensure they have the necessary support to navigate the complexities of starting a sustainable venture within the justice tech industry.

Our ED, Maya Markovich, and one of our founding members, Sonja Ebron, both shared that Justice Tech Accelerator aims to deliver a positive impact on justice tech companies and will help them surmount their unique challenges in the regulatory landscape.

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