JTA Collaboration with the Ford Foundation

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Business, Media Coverage, Technology

The Justice Technology Association is proud to have contributed to developing a new report, A Guiding Framework for Vetting Technology Vendors Operating in the Public Sector. The Ford Foundation, a private foundation that aims to reduce injustice and advance human achievement, collaborated with a group of experts from various fields, including JTA on this piece. The report provides guidance for government agencies and other organizations seeking to ensure that the technology they use is ethical, equitable, and effective. It highlights the importance of considering factors such as privacy, algorithmic bias, and community engagement when selecting technology vendors. It emphasizes the need for transparency and accountability throughout the entire process.

In an era where technology is continuously integrated into every aspect of our lives, it is crucial to ensure it serves the public good. This framework is an essential step in that direction.

Check out the full report here.