UPL and Deregulation of Legal Services

by | Nov 18, 2023 | Business, Technology

UPL and Deregulation of Legal Services

With a mission to support technology-based affordable and accessible solutions to justice gaps, the Justice Technology Association continues to present a robust collective voice for innovation and regulatory reform aimed at democratizing the public legal experience. A recent American Bar Association Journal article, “When It Comes to Deregulation of the Legal Industry, Divisions Run Deep,” taps into many JTA voices, including executive director Maya Markovich, founding member and CEO of Courtroom5 Sonja Ebron, JTA member Rasa Legal, and JTA advisors Natalie Knowlton of A2J Ventures and David Engstrom of the Stanford Center on the Legal Profession, on the challenge and impact of deregulation for justice equity.

The article highlights reforms in Arizona and Utah that have sparked a highly charged debate. Markovich emphasizes the vitality of focusing on consumer benefits and ensuring equality under the law, affordability, and accessibility for average citizens. Ebron believes “change is inevitable, and that not meeting the demand for legal services is ‘the biggest market failure in the history of the United States.’”

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