2024 InnovAction Winner & Finalists

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Awards, Media Coverage, Technology

The College of Law Practice Management’s InnovAction Awards  spotlight a remarkable range of initiatives aimed at enhancing access to justice through innovation. Among these, Bay Area Legal Services has been distinguished as the 2024 winner for their groundbreaking FosterPower project, an initiative that is the first of its kind in the nation to elucidate the legal rights and benefits for children in foster care through a dedicated website and app. FosterPower stands out for its user-centric design, incorporating feedback from the youth it serves, and has seen significant adoption with over 3,400 downloads, highlighting its potential for national expansion.

As we celebrate Bay Area Legal Services’ achievement, we’re also proud to have been recognized as a finalist for our substantial contributions to the field of justice technology. The JTA has established itself as a voice for people-centric tech solutions aimed at closing the justice gap, underscoring the critical role of technology in democratizing access to legal resources. With 92% of Americans facing civil legal issues without adequate assistance in 2022, JTA’s  work in rallying entrepreneurs and tech solutions towards public good is essential.

The InnovAction Awards shine a light on the transformative power of technology and innovation in addressing systemic challenges within the legal system. The recognition of the Justice Technology Association as a finalist underscores the significant impact of our efforts and the ongoing need for collaborative, innovative solutions to ensure equitable access to justice for all.

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