Apply for JTA Membership

All JTA members must agree to our Code of Ethics when applying for membership. The JTA Code of Ethics is a statement of common values of our Association. Its purpose is to guide us in the decisions we make as businesses and individuals, and to assist us with our responsibilities to the principles of access to justice and ethical business practices.

As members of the Justice Technology Association, we have responsibilities to our industry, customers, the public, and JTA. We strive to:

  • Drive innovation of accessible technology to help people navigate legal matters and meaningfully better their lives.
  • Actively promote, encourage, and maintain the highest level of integrity and ethical business conduct.
  • Deliver high quality products and services, prioritize public interest, and mitigate public harm in our businesses.
  • Commit to legal and regulatory compliance, data privacy, and transparency.
  • Encourage and advocate for innovative business models that include alternatives to representation by a lawyer.
  • Support the collective success of the direct-to-consumer justice tech sector.

Membership dues are $250 per year to support our 100% volunteer-driven organization in providing critical network and startup support for justice tech founders.