JTA and the Future of Justice Tech with Ari Kaplan

by | May 6, 2022 | Business, Media Coverage, Technology

As the realm of justice technology continues to evolve rapidly, our ED Maya Markovich spoke with noted industry analyst Ari Kaplan on the Reinventing Professionals podcast about her visionary perspective on the trajectory of justice tech. They discussed the integration of technology into the justice landscape, and what makes the Justice Technology Association stand out.

It is clear that justice tech can revolutionize the legal system, ensuring equal access to justice and fostering a fairer future for all. The Justice Technology Association’s mission is highlighted in the podcast, as well as the goals of founding members Easy Expunctions, and People Clerk. JTA is working on “a next step of strategies to supercharge informed investment, provide more clarity as to the size of the market opportunity and its venture backability.”

Check out the full podcast here.