JTA Member Spotlight: Easy Expunctions

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Business, Member Spotlight, Technology

Today we’re taking a look at Easy Expunctions, and their CEO, by one of founding JTA member Yousef Kassim!

What does your organization do?

Easy Expunctions offers an automated and easily navigable process for people seeking expunctions for their criminal records. Think TurboTax, but for the expunction process. We support our customers through every step of their journey to a clear record, from qualifying for eligibility to civil court appearances, at a fraction of the cost of the cost of traditional legal services.

Why did you pick this problem to solve?

Very few individuals possess a substantial understanding of the law or the consequences that are incurred when one is perceived to have broken it. For those with a criminal record, they can experience immense difficulty when applying for housing, post-secondary education, gainful employment, and/or anything valued for upward mobility. As both a bar certified attorney and someone who had unjustifiably been through the expunction process, I felt confident I could provide this service in a manner that was cost effective and empowering for self-represented litigants, ultimately offering them the means of access needed for a better and more fulfilling life.

Share another Justice Tech org you love, and why.

Another Justice Tech startup I have come to love is Courtroom5 for the work they are also doing to empower and lift up self-represented litigants.

Of the JTA’s Mission, Purpose, and Values, which drew you most to JTA, and how does your work address them?

Ultimately, the overall mission drew me to JTA as it aligns so closely with Easy Expunctions. We aim to provide all our customers with a “clear path to a clean record” through an easily accessible and affordable platform.

Where can we learn more about Easy Expunctions?