JTA Member Spotlight: Mighty

by | Sep 17, 2022 | Business, Media Coverage, Technology

Our JTA Member Spotlight series continues with Mighty, a Justice Tech startup focused on helping people involved in accidents. Learn more about their mission and solution below!

What does your organization do?

Mighty is who you’d tell your best friend to call if they got in an accident. We help people after an accident get the legal, medical, financial, and other support they need to be made whole. Our better, lower-cost alternative to billboard injury lawyers puts clients’ interests first.

Why did you pick this problem to solve?

Mighty’s fintech and SaaS products helped law firms and lienholders save millions on operational costs over the past 5+ years, but those savings didn’t impact client outcomes. We’re pivoting the business to center the injured person and are using our industry expertise to offer lower-cost and holistic support services while continuing to help the industry be more efficient through our existing products.

Share another Justice Tech org you love, and why.

DoNotPay is using AI to support users with difficult legal situations, without the need of a costly lawyer. Similar to Mighty’s mission, DoNotPay’s goal is to improve access to justice for underserved markets.

Of the JTA’s Mission, Purpose, and Values, which drew you most to JTA, and how does your work address them?

Mighty was most drawn to JTA’s purpose of providing support for innovative approaches that reduce disproportionate impact and inequitable distribution of legal services. Mighty sets the standard for customer alignment and transparency. Our strict Code of Conduct aligns attorneys’ interests with their clients with an industry-first set of standards and promises such as: 60-day no-fee cancellation, conflict of interest disclosures, and fee structure alignment. And our commitment to innovation is enduring. We’re investing millions of dollars into our technology and operations, and we won’t rest until every person is able to move forward with their lives with dignity after an accident.

Where can we learn more about Mighty?

Twitter – @Mighty

Instagram – @thats.mighty

Facebook – @Mighty.Group.Inc

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/mighty-com