Tackling Regulatory Roadblocks: Hello Divorce and Courtroom5

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Interview, Media Coverage

In the rapidly evolving justice tech landscape, regulatory challenges often pose significant barriers to innovation and growth. However, visionary founders like JTA members, Erin Levine of Hello Divorce and Sonja Ebron of Courtroom5 are demonstrating how persistence and innovative thinking can transform these hurdles into opportunities.

Erin Levine has successfully navigated complex regulations that limit nonlawyers from owning law firms and providing legal advice across state lines. She divided her business into two entities: a traditional law firm and a separate corporation that can receive nonlawyer investments. This structure allowed Hello Divorce to expand beyond California while complying with legal restrictions. Her approach shows how technology and smart business models can make legal services more accessible and affordable.

Courtroom5 offers a platform that supports people representing themselves in civil court. Despite regulatory challenges, she sees great opportunities for justice tech companies. Ebron believes that investors who understand and are willing to tackle these regulatory issues can help justice tech companies thrive.

Hello Divorce and Courtroom5 demonstrate the significant potential of the justice tech market. Their experiences show that while regulatory hurdles are challenging, they can be overcome with innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. They are making legal services more accessible, ensuring that the law serves everyone, not just those who can afford traditional methods.

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