Justice Tech’s Growing Edge: Insights from JTA’s Maya Markovich

by | Apr 11, 2024 | Events, Media Coverage, Thought Leadership

Justice Tech is gaining momentum as it seeks to revolutionize access to legal services, yet it faces significant challenges, particularly in resources and expertise for those closest to the problems. As highlighted by JTA founder, Maya Markovich during a recent keynote: “Those with lived experience with  the problem will create the best solutions – but are farthest from the resources and network.” This poignant observation underscores the structural challenges within the justice tech ecosystem, emphasizing the need for early strategic support and investment to enable these innovators to drive change effectively.

Maya’s words resonate deeply within the justice tech community, pointing to a crucial gap between potential and actualization. Addressing this gap could catalyze transformative improvements in how legal services are delivered, making them more accessible to those who need them most. As we continue to explore and support this evolving field, the insights and leadership from figures in the JTA ecosystem are invaluable in guiding the way forward. 

For more details on the challenges and opportunities in justice tech, read the full article here.