Dream.Org: Justice Innovation Prize Winners

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Awards, Media Coverage, Member Spotlight

Dream.Org announced the winners of its $1 Million Justice Innovation Prize at SOCAP’s annual conference, celebrating three startups for their impactful efforts to disrupt the prison industry. Each winner, including FreeCap FinancialJusticeText, and Unlocked Labs, received $250,000 to further their innovative solutions aimed at reducing recidivism and improving outcomes for incarcerated individuals.

Among the winners of the Justice Innovation Prize, Unlocked Labs stands out for its remarkable work. As a member of the Justice Tech Association, Unlocked Labs is at the forefront of creating impactful technologies aimed at transforming the justice system. Their efforts in reducing recidivism and supporting the rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals exemplify the potential of technology to drive significant change.

For more details on the winners and their projects, visit Dream.Org’s announcement page.