WGNO: Chapman Award Announcement

by | Oct 6, 2023 | Awards, Media Coverage, Technology

The Justice Technology Association (JTA) was among the honored recipients at the prestigious 2023 Foundation for Improvement of Justice‘s 37th annual awards banquet, where innovative approaches to enhancing access to justice took center stage. JTA’s commendable work in utilizing technology to democratize legal access reflects a profound commitment to bridging the justice gap.

Alongside JTA, remarkable initiatives like Joanne Archambault‘s SEEK THEN SPEAKHope for Justice‘s comprehensive anti-trafficking programs, and other notable contributions from various winners were celebrated for their impactful efforts in various justice-related fields. These awards spotlight the united efforts and creative energy of both individuals and organizations striving to improve fairness and access within the justice system.

For a detailed overview of the awards and the transformative work of the awardees, visit the full article here.