Mission Aligned Organizations

JTA Mission Aligned Organizations benefit from exclusive development and collaboration opportunities and can publicly demonstrate support for innovation in access to justice.

Affiliate member benefits include:

Network expansion

Mission Aligned Organizations foster valuable connections with our rapidly growing network of industry leaders, tech companies, investors, accelerators, and legal professionals. Joining our ecosystem unlocks opportunities for collaboration to amplify impact.

Elevated reputation

Because we are focused on technology for the public good, affiliation with JTA highlights your organization’s mission alignment and increases brand trust. We help you leverage the JTA brand to attract potential clients and investors, and gain recognition as an ethical company supporting innovative solutions for legal inclusion.

Exclusive access

Mission Aligned Organizations enjoy invitations to events, as well as access to key resources including research insights.

Joint marketing opportunities

JTA offers Mission Aligned Organizations exclusive opportunities to be prominently features in JTA social and media engagements and events.

Please select your organization’s size below.

Tier 1

(1-15 employees)


Dues are $250 per year.

Tier 2

(16-30 employees)


Dues are $500 per year.

Tier 3

(31-100 employees)


Dues are $1,000 per year.

Tier 4

(101-250 employees)


Dues are $1,500 per year.

Tier 5

(251+ employees)


Dues are $3,000 per year.