JTA Member Spotlight: FRSH

by | May 20, 2022 | Business, Member Spotlight, Technology

For the first in our new series of JTA Member spotlights, we’re thrilled to host FRSH.

What does your organization do? 

FRSH is a next-gen justice tech company focused on the criminal justice impacted community.  It provides a marketplace for anyone to access the support they need, including employment, banking/credit, services, housing and more all in one place.

Why did you pick this problem to solve?

We have lived the experiences. We have lived with the ongoing trauma. We have seen the conversations. We are here to change outcomes. We understand how we got here and why we are here. Now we need to address it and take action.

Share another Justice Tech org you love, and why.

Anonymous Philanthropy – Incredible work with the ACEs program and Society for Human Resource Management. We also love Venture Noire – Keenan Beasley is an amazing human in the impact investing space.

What drew you most to JTA, and how does your work address it?

JTA is about inclusion and collaboration, and is focused on taking action and utilizing technology to solve complex historical issues. We share these same core values.

Where can we learn more about FRSH?