JTA Member Spotlight: Ticket Avengers

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Business, Member Spotlight, Technology

We are delighted to introduce JTA member Ticket Avengers and founder DeAngelo Smith! Read our latest blog spotlight to get to know more about them, their mission, clients and more.

What does your organization do?

We connect with local government, attorneys, and other related organizations to collect unpaid fines or fees from traffic tickets to attorney representation. We provide interest-free installment loans to empower people to cover their legal needs.

Why did you pick this problem to solve?

Legal fines or fees can interfere with people reaching their full economic potential when you can’t afford to pay. I envision a more equitable payment process that can reach people where they are.

Share another Justice Tech org you love, and why.

TurnSignl is an amazing company – I love the emotion behind the problem they are solving. As a black man I would feel a lot more comfortable having access to legal representation at the point of police contact.

Of JTA’s Mission, Purpose, and Values, which drew you most to JTA, and how does your work address them?

JTA’s mission is what drew us most. Our aligned vision – to demonstrate how technology can provide affordable and accessible solutions to people facing everyday issues – is what we do at Ticket Avengers by providing affordable and accessible payment options for people to cover their legal needs.

Where can we learn more about Ticket Avengers?