JTA Member Spotlight: TurnSignl

by | Aug 20, 2022 | Business, Member Spotlight, Technology

Continuing our spotlight series, we got to learn more about JTA member TurnSignl. Please read more about this Justice Tech company below!

What does your organization do? 

TurnSignl provides drivers with real-time legal guidance from an attorney, all while their camera records the interaction. Founded in 2020, TurnSignl was created to provide a simple way to help drivers feel safer and empowered on the road. TurnSignl’s mission is to protect drivers’ civil rights, de-escalate roadside interactions, and ensure both drivers and law enforcement officers return home safely. The TurnSignl mobile app is currently available for iOS and Android in six states (MN, GA, CA, FL, TN, & IL) with national availability slated for 2023. Users in the remaining states can download TurnSignl now to be added to the waitlist for priority access.

Why did you pick this problem to solve?

TurnSignl’s co-founders, Jazz HamptonMychal Frelix, and Andre Creighton, are three Black men from the Twin Cities. In recent years, Minneapolis has become a flashpoint for conversations about social change, justice and accountability, and equal application of the law. After reflecting on their own backgrounds and professional experiences, they realized they were uniquely positioned to build a technology solution that could protect civil rights and de-escalate a typically high stress interaction.

What is the testing and design process like for TurnSignl?

The founders sought out feedback early in the design process and on a go-forward basis from every stakeholder, including individual users, law enforcement, corporations, and community-based organizations, with the goal of designing a solution to improve traffic stop and accident interaction outcomes. This crucial ongoing feedback loop helps the TurnSignl team to thoughtfully evolve the technology.

How have different groups of stakeholders responded to TurnSignl?

Individuals wanted to retain video content in the event their phone was lost or damaged, leading to Cloud storage. Law enforcement wanted to ensure drivers were never waiting for an attorney as the officer approached the vehicle, leading to the development of our patent pending expedited call answering methodology. Organizations wanted to offer TurnSignl to their employees and the communities they serve, and obtain insight into safety outcomes while also maintaining individual privacy. This feedback led to the introduction of our corporate portal, microsites, and community sponsorship opportunities.

Share another Justice Tech org you love, and why.

We are big fans of JusticeText. They have an amazing team behind their work, and their mission to help attorneys do their jobs better—to understand evidence, and use it to quickly support the people that need it most, when it matters most—is something we definitely support!

What drew you most to JTA, and how does your work address it?

TurnSignl was drawn to the JTA’s purpose to “encourage and provide support for innovative approaches that reduce disproportionate impact and inequitable distribution of legal services.” We see TurnSignl as a way to provide real-time support for parents, partners, and people of color — especially to those who might not otherwise manage such a potentially high-stress interaction on their own.

What are your most exciting future goals for TurnSignl?

We are excited to support more communities across the country. Although our home state of Minnesota has seen its fair share of police and civilian interactions go heinously wrong, sadly it is not unique to our local community. We will be a resource for everyone who needs us over the near term future, as we expand nationally and beyond.

Where can we learn more about Turnsignl?

Find us @turnsignl on IGTikTokFacebookLinkedInYoutube…everywhere!