US Magazine: Investing in JTA companies

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Business, Media Coverage, Technology

In 2021, Van Jones received $100 million from Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos to disrupt poverty and incarceration cycles in underserved communities. Jones’ efforts were recently featured in US Weekly. and a number of familiar faces were mentioned. In mobilizing this effort, Jones has worked extensively with JTA partner Village Capital and AmFam, whose justice tech efforts are headed by JTA advisor Nyra Jordan.

As part of this initiative, the article highlights two JTA member companies funded by Jones, Rasa, and FRSHRasa, led by Noella Sudbury, focuses on making the process of clearing criminal records simple and affordable for all. A chance at expunging one’s record at a reduced cost can change someone’s life and Jones recognizes Rasa’s efforts towards streamlining the process. FRSH is a personal financial management platform cofounded by Topeka K. Sam, Danny Feldman, and Chris Heckler to help people who have historically not had access to modern banking products and services

JTA is thrilled that its members are getting the recognition they deserve. Justice should be accessible to all, and not just a few, and technology should be part of the solution.

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