AALM: Reyets

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Uncategorized

JTA member company Reyets is a pioneering platform created by Wa’il Ashshowwaf. Reyets is designed to empower individuals by providing crucial information about their rights, enabling secure documentation of incidents, and connecting them with necessary legal and organizational resources. Ashshowwaf emphasizes the importance of such technology, stating, “We created Reyets to give power back to the people, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools needed to protect themselves in any situation.” This innovative approach not only aligns with JTA’s mission to enhance access to justice through technology but also sets a new standard for using digital tools in advocating for social justice.

The Reyets app represents a significant stride in leveraging technology for social empowerment, aligning with a broader academic discourse on digital tools as mechanisms for societal change. It exemplifies how innovative applications can bridge gaps in legal knowledge and access, contributing to a more informed and engaged community.

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